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I love this page. I do so enjoy telling folks where to go.

The web is big. Really big. Almost 50 million domains in the US alone and growing faster than the trade deficit. And hidden amongst the heaps of useless crap are some real gems. Here are some of my faves.

Featured Heading vector

Babylon 5
The saga continues with VFX that were updated using the original digital models.

The Arts

Andy Summers
Somewhat underrated solo recording artist. Vastly underrated B&W photographer

Billy Collins: The Best Cigarette
The world's greatest poet reads the world's greatest poetry.
Free download of out-of-print CD (Thank you Billy). Giddy Up!

Wooden Books
THE most beautiful, compact, hardback Liberal Arts books anywhere.

David Byrne: PowerPoint-As-Art
Who in his right mind would use PowerPoint to create art? Precisely!

Jackson Pollock Dot Org
Arguably, the best single-page web site/single-frame Flash piece ever.

Inside Cirque du Soleil
Get an inside look at the multi-sensory dream that is Cirque du Soleil.

Ashes And Snow
Contemplate Gregory Colbert's beautiful images and stunning juxtapositions of man and animal. Do not try these at home.


Scaled Composites
While the big aviation companies struggle beneath their own bureaucratic gravity, the brothers Rutan quietly redefine flight design.

smart car usa
So cool. Small enough to park inside your vulgar nouveau-riche neighbor's fat-ass SUV.

Al Lewis, The Denver Post
Al serves entertaining business insight and regularly Sticks It To The Man by exposing corporate corruption and stupidity (business as usual).


MAD Magazine
Still poking fun at everything sacred.

Jay Ward
Berkely + Harvard = Cartoon Visionary

John Cleese
Learn to walk funny.

Mr. Wizard
Mourn his passing. Celebrate his genius. Order his DVDs.

Star Wars Turns 30
Not-so-famous quote: "Use your fork Luke" (Mrs. Padmé Amidala)

Chickenman & Tooth Fairy
Nearly 600 episodes of clean, clever radio. Remember clean, clever radio?

Bill Nye The Science Guy
Inventor of the "things on a stick" format, educator, comedian and Fango founder.

Norma Vally, Toolbelt Diva
Look boys - a girl who can undo the mess you made out of your last home improvement project! And her hammer drill is bigger than yours.

Max Headroom
The '80s icon, cyberpunk legend and advertising avatar's brief, brilliant history is detailed here, right down to the last blip. F-F-F-Fascinating.


Real World Studios
Peter Gabriel's personal playroom (and Wiltshire's coolest recording studio).

Dame Evelyn Glennie
Deaf, deft, def Scottish solo percussion whiz. Think Neal Peart in drag, talking like Shrek

My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts
One of the most important albums ever made, and my personal fave on laundry day.

Animal vs Buddy Rich (drummerworld.com)
My favorite drummer of all time takes on my other favorite drummer of all time

Deborah Henson-Conant
Jazz-harpist extraordinaire - a cross between Leonard Bernstein, Steven Tyler and Xena The Warrior Princess.

Bela Fleck and The Flecktones
I love everything Flecktone - from Bela's purple electric banjo to Futureman's pirate hat and SyntheAxeDrumitar. Kewl.


National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Nearly defunded and closed just 2 years ago. Now it's a hot R&D think tank. That's politics.

The Silicon Zoo
Some of the coolest Easter Eggs out there are etched onto your integrated circuits.

Zome Tool
The fastest way to create square bubbles. Adored by MIT, Oxford, Princeton, Sandia National Laboratory and many others.

Nikola Tesla (PBS)
Genius, snappy dresser & inventor of hydroelectricity, radio and radar.

Scientific American
The only site with better advice than mine ("Ask A Nobel Laureate").

Wolfram MathWorld
The site for beautiful minds and gorgeous formulae.


Videographer? Meet the future.
Have something handy to wipe up the drool.

Cooperative Association for Internet Data Analysis, UCSD
So the cartographers put in lots of overtime after the breakup of the USSR. Big deal. These folks map the entire internet, beautifully.

Donna L. Davis on DeveloperDotStar
What do you call a great writer, insightful commentator and all-around smart cookie? "Donna."


They buy cheap crap. Then they mark up the crap and sell it to you. Long live crapitalism.

Dangerous Sports Club
Catapault yourself for just £40.

The Klingon Language Institute
Learn when and when not to say "Hab SoSlI' Quch!"

The Original X-Ray Spex
Lucky you! You can still find the cheap crap your parents wouldn't let you order.

SPAM Fan Club
My favorite food-in-a-can-with-a-half life. Mmmm. Wobbling meat!

Topher's Breakfast Cereal Character Guide
Remember the bulb-nosed, yellow teddy bear with twin orange antennae who said "inaudibly delicious?" Find him in here.