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which subscribes to AAAA/IAB Terms & Conditions standards, v2.0.

I'm seeking high-quality advertising partners whose products and services are relevant and useful to my very intelligent, hip visitors.

I paid a king's ransom to my hoity-toity, wishy-washy, mamby-pamby designer and he convinced me about the benefits of clean design, spacious margins and white space - lots of white space.

That means that the locations for ad placement are somewhat limited here. On the other hand, those limitations should ensure that visitors find this a visually comforting place to be, and that's good for everyone.

There are some reasonable restrictions on advertising we accept:

  · Ads on inner content pages only (no ads on home page).
  · Per-page max of 600 aggregate vertical pixels.
  · No sites with adult or gambling content. Period.
  · No sites that download malware or send spam. That's huge.
  · No obscenities or violent or misogynistic verbiage. Nasty!
  · No seizure-inducing, flashing, cheapo trash ads. I get migraines.

Violations of these policies will result in immediate cancellation of IOs.
And I will call your mother.

Still interested?

Please email my manager ( info [at] auntcamity [dot] com ) to discuss specific arrangements and pricing. He's taking far too many naps anyway and the cats want their sofa back.

Ad Placement Options

Page exclusive skyscraper
120 x 600
Rich media accepted
30k max file size

Right sidebar square button
120 x 120
Static media only
15k max file size

Right sidebar button
120 x 60
Static media only
10k max file size

Right sidebar vertical panel
120 x 240
Rich media accepted
20k max file size

Rich Media Specifications

Acceptable formats:
Flash, GIF, JPG, HTML, Shockwave

File Requirements:
· Animation cannot continue past 15 seconds
· 18fps or less
· 30K maximum file size (see specific file size limitations above)

Flash production specs:

Versions: Flash 5 through Flash 8

Click Tracking:

· Click tag variables should use a "getURL button" action.
· A "_blank" target should be specified to open a new window.
· User-initiated action code should follow one of these standard conventions:

  on (release) {

  on (release) {

  on (release) {
  if (clickTag.substr(0,5) == "http:") {

Flash click tracking developer resources: