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My gut says conspiracy. Or maybe that's the green chile.

Oprah, takes flack   Roberta, is Flack

David Carson, knows jack   Jack Nicholson, is Jack

Anderson Cooper, reporter   Bill Maher, retorter

Frank Zappa, curtly musican   Kurt Vonnegut, frank novelist

Sam Neil, actor   Nick Negroponte, activist

Evelyn Glennie, deaf musician   Kate Bush, deft musician

David Letterman, works in comedy   Pat Leahy, also works in comedy

Don Imus, talked self into job   Ima Dumass, talked self out of job

Roy Clark, superstar musician   Itzhak Perlman, musical superstar

David Brancaccio, seen on PBS   James Spader, seen on ABC

Jeff Tweedy, works nights   Martin Freeman, works days

Paul Reiser, funny guy   Funny guy Alan Arkin

Patrick Pentland, Rocker   Joey Greco, Stalker

Steve Jobs, Podcaster   Tucker Carlson, Broadcaster

Cheney doppelganger 014   Cheney doppelganger 023

Danny Bonaduce, former bird   Larry Ellison, likes to shoot bird

Andy Summers, musician   Musician Peter Gabriel

Sir Bob Geldof   Sire Bill Clinton