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Curiosity cures boredom. But there's no cure for curiosity.

20 December - 26 December

1. Visit NIST anechoic chamber and see if I can scream loud enough to be heard outside the facility.

2. Freeze in liquid nitrogen the Christmas fruitcakes received as gifts and film them at 120 fps shattering on floor. Play backwards at 24 fps to music of The Blue Danube.

3. File patent papers for Bluetoothbrush

4. Track down the tennis shoe rumored to appear in The Empire Strikes Back’s asteroid fly-thorough sequence and determine brand and model. Create its own, long-overdue IMDB page.

5. Recreational structural physics: review latest neutron diffraction studies of ices, gas hydrates, and iron-rich phases.

6. Hook up 5 megawatt power supply for Christmas light system.

7. Replace Beetle’s PCV valve, inspect wiring harness for squirrel damage.

8. Email Howie Mandel and offer to help him find his hair.

9. Fix the segfault in my group syntax parser.

10. Learn ¾ time drum solo segment performed by Neil Peart on Rush In Rio DVD.